Data Radios

Maxon Data Radios are available once again.

Maxon SD-170E Series Data / Telemetry Radio VHF SD-171E UHF SD-174E

The SD170E Series has a 15-Pin connector and the SD170EX Series has a 9-Pin connector.

Common features include:

  • 16 Channels (Dip Switch Select)
  • 5/1 Watt Power Out
  • CTCSS/DCSS Encode/Decode
  • 12.5 kHz Channel Bandwidth
  • Tx Time Out Timer
  • Modem Options (FFSK, GMSK)
  • Carrier Detect, Busy Channel Lockout
  • BNC Female Antenna Connector
  • PC Program RF Parameters/Squelch
  • Ideal for low-power repeaters, RF Gateways
  • Also can be used as a RF power amplifier exciter

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GXP2200 Enterprise Multimedia Phone for Android

Grandstream GXP2200 Enterprise Multimedia Phone for Android

GXP2200 represents the future of enterprise business telephones in modern Internet age.

Featuring Android™ Operating System 2.3 and its vast number of 3rd party applications, a 480×272 capacitive touch screen TFT LCD, dual Gigabit network ports, integrated PoE and Bluetooth. The GXP2200 delivers superior HD audio quality, leading edge telephony features, integration of rich Web content with access to the rapidly growing Android™ applications base, automated provisioning.

Built with advanced security protection for privacy, this enterprise application phone also features broad interoperability with most 3rd party SIP based devices, IP PBX and major IMS platforms.

The GXP2200 is an innovative smart desk phone loaded with tremendous value for Web-integrated business communications as well as unprecedented power for advanced custom business applications development and personalization.

  • 480×272 pixel capacitive touch screen TFT LCD
  • 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts, up to 5-way conference, phonebook with up to 1000 contacts, call history with up to 500 records
  • Support Android™ Operating System 2.3 and the vast number of 3rd party Android™ applications (including Skype, Google Voice, Microsoft Lync Client, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and more), advanced SDK toolkit for custom business application development and deployment control
  • HD wideband audio, superb full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation and excellent double-talk performance.


Grandstream GXW4004 – 4 Port FXS Gateway

Grandstream 400X Series IP Analog Gateways

The GXW 4004 – 4 FXS IP Analog Gateway – has a compact and quiet design (no fans) and offers superb audio quality, rich feature functionality, strong security protection, and compelling price-performance ratio. It is auto-configurable, remotely manageable and scalable.


  • 4 FXS port media gateways
  • Two RJ-45 ports 10/100 Mbps (switched or routed)
  • Multiple SIP accounts (choice of 2 profiles per account)
  • T.38 Fax compliant
  • G.168 Echo Cancellation
  • Voice Activation Detection (VAD)
  • Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
  • Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
  • Supports PSTN/PBX analog telephone sets or analog trunks





… a group linked together.

Technology is advancing ever so quickly and the need for interoperability is ever increasing. Through networks the mission can be accomplished. From in-house local networks to global wide area networks that link voice and radio via the Internet.



… an electronic machine capable of accepting and processing data.

With over 20 years of technical knowledge, ResourceOne has the capability to provide technical support, service, training and solutions to special needs. Resources are available to assist with network applications, design of wire and wireless digital networks.



… the act or process of communicating.

Experience within the Commercial Land Mobile Communications industry since 1980 along with experience in Amateur Radio operations since 1991. From our experience we continue to find that communications failure is one of the greatest problems facing any organization. With the multitude of different communications systems in use it is very difficult to get adequate information to those who need to have it. Solutions are available that can help your business in the utilization of these technology resources.